Reza Modarres

Statistics MS Program Director, Reza Modarres, in a gray suit jacket

Reza Modarres

Professor of Statistics; Statistics MS Advisor


Email: Reza Modarres
Office Phone: (202) 994-9991
801 22nd St NW Washington, DC 20052

2007 - Present: Professor of Statistics, The George Washington University
2007 - 2013: Chair and Professor of Statistics, The George Washington University
Spring 2005 - Fall 2005: Sabbatical, Center for Ecological and Environmental Statistics, Department of Statistics, Eberly College of Science, Pennsylvania State University.
1997 - 2007: Associate Professor of Statistics, The George Washington University
Fall 1997- Spring 1998: Sabbatical, Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Water, Washington, D.C.
1991 - 1997: Assistant Professor of Statistics, The George Washington University
1990 - 1991: Assistant Professor of Statistics and Mathematics, The American University

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Statistical Computing, Multivariate Analysis, Environmental Statistics, Nonparametric Statistics

Ph.D.: Statistics, The American University, 1990.
M.S.: Computer Science, The American University, 1982.
B.S.: Computer Science and Mathematics, The American University, 1981.