PhD Student Newsletter

Bi-monthly Newsletter of April & May, 2022

It is a  great pleasure to introduce the Newsletter to all the students in the statistics department, and we thank the professors of the department for providing constructive support to the successful launch of the Newsletter.  The Newsletter is created with the intention to help students be informed and engaged with the statistical events locally or nationwide, to introduce collaboration opportunities with other researchers, to celebrate the achievements and milestones of our faculties and students. The Newsletter will be issued every two months. Meanwhile, we encourage students to promote their works and establish professional networks through online platforms such as GW blogs and Twitter. We invite students to join the editorial team and contribute to the Newsletter. Ultimately, we hope every student has an enriched and great experience in the statistics department and we all become better and stronger as a whole community.

Thank you, we hope you find the Newsletter informative.

Xiang Li (Editor/Co-Chair of PhD Student Committee)