-.."The master in Statistics at GW is what I was expecting. What this program did for me is to train me to solve quantitative problems using Statistical analysis. I realize that having a master in Statistics is an invaluable resource in my current and future goals and the assistance from the supportive Professors in the Statistic Department has proven to be not only an academic tool but a source of guidance. I really enjoyed the time I spent at GW Stat." -- Sharai Gomez Raygoza, Spring 2008.

-.."The most interesting aspect of the Master of Science in Statistics program at The George Washington University is not that it is challenging (you can make it as rigorous as you want) or that the faculty is both knowledgeable and respected (they are), but the fact that it demands a considerable amount of self-discipline. This requirement comes as a result of the very flexible nature of the program, the small size and high qualifications of the student body and the top credentials of the professors, who do not underestimate the potential of students and thus demand a lot from them. The M.S. of Statistics helped me bridge the gap between the social sciences and the exact sciences, and has made a more integral professional with exciting new career opportunities. At the end of the program, you emerge with a satisfactory feeling of exhaustion which only great efforts provide" -Juan Echeverri, Spring 2007.

-.."After many years working at the Center for Naval Analyses, running the statistical routines other people told me to, I decided I wanted a better understanding of those routines. I got into the Statistics Masters program at George Washington University. There are a good variety of courses offered, and I could choose the ones that interested me. Most of the classes had clear practical applications, and I was often able to use them in my job as soon as I learned them. Now I not only understand the techniques I'm using, I can choose better techniques that my colleagues sometimes aren't familiar with. For anyone who is interested in any work involving statistics, I would highly recommend this program! " - Geoffrey Shaw, Spring 2008.

-.."I have benefited from the program in many ways. Especially, I appreciate the program accommodating those like me who have a daytime job since all master level courses are offered in the afternoon. The flexible course schedule provided me with an opportunity to complete the program. Furthermore, the location of the university at DC area is an advantage to find a job. There are many reputable companies and organizations around DC metro area. The network between the Department and those employers increased my marketability. More importantly, the program delivers high quality courses by expert faculties who are internationally known. I would like to express my appreciation for the MS Statistics program in GWU." - Wenliang Yao, Spring 2007.

-.."Getting my Masters degree at the Statistics department at The George Washington University was a long but gratifying process. The combination of a full time job and being a part time student made me question my ability to finish the program many times. I was fortunate that I had the support system that was available to me at the stats department at GWU. My advisors, Efstathia Bura and Reza Modarres, were encouraging and patient with me. The other professors were always willing to to help and answer questions. The graduate students were always very friendly to me and were more than happy to work with me in the classes that we took. I became close to some of them, and they were crucial in pushing me to finish my degree. I can say that I have been extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of the MS in statistics program at The George Washington University. It been extremely beneficial professionally, as I'm able to apply my learned skills in work places like Pricewaterhouse Coopers and SRA International. I have no hesitation in recommending this program to anyone and everyone interested in the area of statistics, be it theoretical or applied, and looking to be educated at, and perform on a very high level of excellence and integrity." - Alexandre Vilela Braga, Fall 2009.

-.."The Statistics department is very supportive of their students and small enough that one can get lots of individual attention. This creates a very positive learning experience. I have appreciated that I could tailor the classes that counted for my MS degree so it included subjects specific to my personal interests. I have always been very interested in economics so I particularly wanted to learn applications of statistics relating to economics. I took classes that have provided me with useful computing skills and statistical applications that contribute to my resume and have also been able to take more theoretical classes that deepened my understanding of statistical theory. With the degree accomplished, I now have many more opportunities available to me. Statistics is definitely a growing field and I have found in the economics field, that having a solid knowledge base of the subject is increasingly more important." - Erin McKinney, Fall 2009.