Statistics Special Honors for Undergraduates

Students may apply for graduation with Special Honors. To be eligible, a student must meet the following requirements:

  • GPA of greater than or equal to 3.7 among courses taken for the major requirements.
  • Nomination by at least two Statistics Department faculty members.
  • The taking of either two graduate level courses in the Statistics Department, or completion of Stat 195 and a research project, with the research project being approved by the supervising faculty member and the undergraduate committee of the department.
  • All other University and Columbian College requirements for special honors.

Institute for Reliability and Risk Analysis (IRRA)

Institute for Reliability and Risk Analysis (IRRA)

The department hosts a research institute, Institute for Reliability and Risk Analysis (IRRA), staffed by faculty and students from various parts of the university and collaborators outside the university. The IRRA aims to do basic and applied mathematical and statistical research for assessing the risk and reliability of technological, biological software and infrastructure systems.

Undergraduate Admissions