Recent Ph.D. Graduates

Year Student Advisor Program Thesis Title
2017 Aotian Yang Qing Pan Statistics Constrained Maximum Entropy Models for Selecting Genotype Interactions Associated with Interval-Censored Failure Times and Methods for Power Calculation in a Three-arm Four-step Clinical Bioequivalence Study
2017 Cong Wang Zhaohai Li Statistics Analysis for Familial Aggregation Using Recurrence Risk for Complex Survey Data
2017 Hailin Huang Hua Liang Statistics Semi-parametric and Structured Nonparametric Modeling
2017 Biao Yang Jonathan Stroud Statistics Praticle and Ensemble Methods for State Space Models
2017 Li Cheung Qing Pan and Hormuzd Katki Statistics Mixture Models for Left- and Interval-Censored Data and Concordance Indices for Composite Survival Outcomes
2017 Wanying Zhao Feifang Hu Statistics Adaptive Designs Utilizing Covariates for Precision Medicine and Their Statistical Inference
2017 Yarong Feng Hosam Mahmoud Statistics On Fast Growth Models for Random Structures
2017 Chen Chen Hosam Mahmoud Statistics Advances in Urn Models and Applications to Self-similar Bipolar Networks
2016 Liyi Jia Yinglei Lai Statistics Modeling the Correlation Structure of RNA Sequencing Data Using A Multivariate Poisson-Lognormal Model
2016 Xing Chen Yinglei Lai Statistics Censored-Poisson Model Based Approach to the Analysis of RNA-seq Data
2016 Panpan Zhang Hosam Mahmoud Statistics On Certain Properties of Several Random Networks
2016 Junchi Guo Michael Larsen Statistics Improvements in Simulation, Convergence Monitoring, and Modeling of the Exponential Random Graph Models for Social Network Analysis
2016 Brian Dumbacher Michael Larsen Statistics Small Area Estimation in a Survey of Governments
2016 Xian Sun Zhaohai Li and Aiyi Liu Statistics Diagnostic Accuracy of Biomarkers with a Continuous Gold Standard
2016 Joshuah Touyz Tatiyana Apanasovich Statistics Novel Methodologies in Multivariate Spatial Statistics
2015 Quan Zou Zhaohai Li Statistics The Generalized Relative Pairs IBD Distribution: Its Use in the Detection of Linkage
2014 Siyu Qing Michael Larson Statistics Longitudinal Weight Calibration with Estimated Control Totals for Cross Sectional Survey Data: Theory and Application
2014 Fanni Zhang Yinglei Lai Statistics Concordant Integrative Analysis of Multiple Gene Expression Data Sets
2014 Mengta Yang Reza Modarres Statistics Depth Functions, Multidimensional Medians and Tests of Uniformity on Proximity Graphs
2014 Mohammed Chowdhury Colin Wu and Reza Modarres Statistics Nonparametric Smoothing Estimation of Conditional Distribution Function with Longitudinal Data and Time-Varying Parametric Models
2014 Bipasa Biswas Yinglei Lai Biostatistics Statistical Analysis of DNA Copy Number Variation with Sequencing Data
2013 Wenjing Xu Qing Pan and Joseph Gastwirth Statistics Statistical Properties of Biostatistical Methods for Correlated Processes with Application to Data Arising in the Legal Settings
2013 Ravi Kalpathy Hosam Mahmoud Statistics Perpetuities in Fair Leader Election Algorithms
2013 Jie Zhou Zhiwei Zhang and Zhaohai Li Biostatistics Coarsened Propensity Scores and Hybrid Estimators for Missing Data and Causal Inference
2013 Marinella Temprosa John Lachin Biostatistics An Imputation-Estimation Algorithm Using Time-Varying Auxiliary Covariates for a Longitudinal Model When Outcome is Missing by Design
2013 Wenliang Yao Zhaohai Li and Barry Graubard Biostatistics Estimation of the Area Under the ROC Curve With Complex Survey Data
2013 Wanjie Sun Michael Larsen and John Lachin Biostatistics Methods for a Longitudinal Quantitative Outcome With a Multivariate Gaussian Distribution Multi-dimensionally Censored by Therapeutic Intervention
2012 Anna Gordon Nozer Singpurwalla Statistics The Stochastics of Diagnostic and Threat Detection Tests
2012 Sanaa Kholfi Hosam Mahmoud Statistics On A Class of Zero-balanced Urn Models
2012 Mei Jin Zhaohai Li and Aiyu Li Statistics Group Sequential Designs for Intraclass Correlation Coefficients in Reliability Studies
2012 Donald Bauder Sudip Bose Statistics Bayesian Robustness in Finite Population Testing
2012 Owen Martin Nozer Singpurwalla Statistics A Dynamic Competing Risk Model for Filtering Reliability and Tracking Survivability
2011 John Jackson Paul Albert and Zhaohai Li Biostatistics Prediction Models for Longitudinal Binary and Count Data
2011 Linglu Wang Zhaohai Li and Gang Zheng Biostatistics Bayesian Analysis of Case-control Genetic Association Studies in the Presence of Population Stratification or Genetic Model
2011 Haojin Zhou Tapan Nayak  Statistics The Equivariance Criterion in Statistical Prediction and Its Ramifications
2011 Tong Zhang Hosam Mahmoud  Statistics Gaussian Phases Toward Statistical Equilibrium in Some Urn Models
2011 Samson Adeshiyan Tapan Nayak  Statistics Unification of Randomized Response Designs and Certain Aspects of Post-Randomization for Statistical Disclosure Control
2010 Anastasios Markitsis Yinglei Lai  Statistics The Proportion of True Null Hypotheses in Microarray Gene Expression Data
2010 Zhenyu Liu Reza Modarres  Statistics Triangle Test and Triangle Data Depth in Nonparametric Multivariate Analysis
2010 Min Qin Tapan Nayak  Statistics Some Contributions to the Theory of Unbiased Statistical Prediction
2010 Mark Tripputi John Kittelson and Zhaohai Li  Biostatistics Use of Mediation in Designing Clinical Trials with Two Primary End Points
2010 Dewei She Zhaohai Li  Biostatistics Genetic Association Studies Using Complex Survey Data
2010 Susan Warren Karen Bandeen-Roche and Samuel J. Simmens  Biostatistics Evaluating the Value of Adding Diagnostic Symptoms Using Posterior Probability and Sensitivity/Specificity Procedures
2009 Hiroyuki Hikawa Joseph .L.Gastwirth and E.Bura  Statistics Local Linear Peters-Belson Regression and Its Applications to Employment Discrimination Cases
2009 Lihan Yan Zhaohai Li and Gang Zheng  Biostatistics Group Sequential Robust Designs in Genetic Studies
2008 Mark VanRaden John Lachin  Biostatistics Cumulative Logit-Poisson and Cumulative Logit-Negative Compound Regression Models for Count Data
2008 Ruththanna Davi John M. Lachin  Biostatistics Joint Testing of Sensitivity, Specificity, and Kappa in Diagnostic Studies
2008 Dalong Huang Zhaohai Li and Joseph L. Gastwirth  Statistics Effects of Contamination on Statistical Inference Using Sib-Pair Analysis
2007 Yu Shu Zhaohai Li and Aiyi Liu  Biostatistics Group sequential designs and inference of a medical diagnostic test with binary outcomes
2007 Jiao Yang Efstathia Bura  Statistics Statistical Methods for Estimating the Dimension of Multivariate Data
2007 Philip Wilson Nozer Singpurwalla  Statistics On the Utility of Reliability
2007 Joshua Landon Nozer Singpurwalla  Statistics A Problem in Particle Physics and its Bayesian Analysis
2006 Xiaowu Chen Zhaohai Li  Biostatistics AInference of Haploytepe Effects in Case-Control Studies Using Unphased Genotype and Environmental Data
2006 Ainong Zhou Giovanni Parmigiani and John M Lachin  Biostatistics Bayes Factors Comparing Two Multi-Normal Covariance Matrices and their Application to Microarray Data Analysis
2006 Konstantin Gartwig Nozer Singpurwalla  Statistics Asset pricing under parameter uncertainty
2005 Dennis Buckman Zhaohai Li  Biostatistics Linkage Tests for Relative-Pairs with Incomplete IBD and Known IBS
2005 Weiping Deng Zhaohai Li  Statistics Mixture models and their properties for interval mapping of genetic loci affecting binary traits
2005 Terrence Hui Reza Modarres  Statistics Bootstrap and likelihood based inference for ranked set samples
2005 Barbara George Kaushik Ghosh  Biostatistics Bayesian Regression for Circular Data
2004 Jiaquan Fan Kaushik Ghosh  Statistics Short-term cancer incidence prediction with missing data
2004 Costas Christophi Hosam Mahmoud  Statistics Distances in Random Tries via Analytic Probability: The Oscillatory Distribution
2004 Abeer El-Baz Tapan Nayak  Statistics Some contributions to statistical prediction theory
2003 Pablo Bonangelino Thomas Louis and John M Lachin  Biostatistics Maximin Efficiency Robust Tests for the Focused Clustering of Disease
2003 Jinyu Yuan Joseph L. Gastwirth and Zhaohai Li  Statistics Statistical studies on genetic linkage analysis based on affected Sibships
2003 Jade Freeman Reza Modarres  Statistics An analysis of Box-Cox Transformed Data
2002 Yvonne Sparling John M Lachin and Naji Younes  Biostatistics Parametric Survival Models for Interval-Censored Data with Time-Dependent Covariates
2001 Xuejun Chen Zhaohai Li  Statistics The estimation and asymptotic theory of multiplicative Frailty model
2001 Christopher Moriarity Fritz Scheuren and Tapan Nayak  Statistics Statistical properties of statistical matching
2001 Kimberly Sellers Nozer Singpurwalla  Statistics Vague coherent systems
2001 Binbing Yu Joseph L. Gastwirth  Statistics Some problems arising in observational studies: Potential effect of selection bias and omitted variables
2001 James Cantor David Findley and Hosam Mahmoud  Statistics Recursive and batch estimation of misspecified ARMA model
2000 Chenxiong Le James Rochon  Statistics Application of ARCH models to the analysis of longitudinal data
2000 Jun Li Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou and Sudip Bose  Statistics A stochastic volatality model for option pricing
2000 Tirso Diaz Robert Smythe and John Lachin  Statistics Simultaneous testing and estimation of trend in proportion using historical data
2000 Gang Zheng Joseph L. Gastwirth  Statistics Fisher information in order statistics and ordered randomly censored data