Institute for Reliability and Risk Analysis

The department hosts a research institute, Institute for Reliability and Risk Analysis (IRRA), staffed by faculty and students from various parts of the university and collaborators outside the university. Founded in 1981, the goal of the Institute is to initiate basic and applied research aimed toward increasing the fundamental knowledge base and methodology in Reliability, Survivability, and Risk Analysis. The mission of the IRRA is to do basic and applied mathematical and statistical research for assessing the risk and reliability of technological, biological software and infrastructure systems. What distinguishes the IRRA from other similar institutes is its strong emphasis and focus on Bayesian Statistics and Stochastic Process Models both at an applied and a foundational level.

The IRRA has been funded by all major funding outlets of the U.S. Government and also by industry. It has been involved with multi-university research initiatives and has received, on more than one occasion, funding for equipment and instrumentation. The IRRA issues several technical reports each year, develops software for reliability and risk analyses, and hosts seminars and colloquia on topics of current interest.