Efstathia Bura

Faculty: Full-Time
Address: Phillips Hall
801 22nd St NW
Washington, DC,
Phone: 202-994-6358
Fax: 202-994-6917
[email protected]

Professor of Statistics

Current Research

 linear, nonlinear and nonparametric regression, regression graphics and computational statistics, multivariate analysis, biostatistics, legal statistics and bioinformatics.


  • Bura, E. and Cook, R.D. (2001). Estimating the Structural Dimension of Regressions via Parametric Inverse RegressionJournal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B63 , 393-410.
    • The XLISP-STAT code for the dimension estimation polynomial inverse regression method can be downloaded by clicking here. To be able to use the code, you need to download arc first. Follow the instructions at the top of the file on how to load the lisp file into arc .
  • Bura, E. and Cook, R.D. (2001). Extending SIR: The Weighted Chi-Square TestJournal of the American Statistical Association , 96 , 996-1003.
  • Bura, E. and Gastwirth, J.L. (2001). The Binary Regression Quantile Plot: Assessing the Importance of Predictors in Binary Regression Visually, Biometrical Journal43, 5-21.
  • Hayek, L.-A. and Bura, E. (2001). On the Ends of the Taxon Range Problem, In Pattern from Process in the Fossil Record, Jackson, J.B.C., Lidgard, S. and McKinney, F.K. (eds), 2001. Chicago University Press.
  • Bura, E. (1997). Dimension Reduction via Parametric Regression, In Y. Dodge (ed.), L1-Statistical Procedures and Related Topics, Institute of Mathematical Statistics Lecture Notes-Monograph Series (1997), v. 31, pp. 215-228. Hayward, CA: Institute of Mathematical Statistics.
  • Cook, R.D. and Bura, E. (1997). Testing the Adequacy of Regression Functions, Biometrika 84, 949-956.