Course Transfer Guide

While the Department allows for transfer of credits we do not waive GPAC requirements for courses taken elsewhere.

Discuss with your advisor what statistics courses you need to take. For example, STAT-1053 is a course that meets the general curriculum requirements for Columbian College; however, other schools may require different courses.

Obtain a DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF TOPICS COVERED in the proposed substituted course. (It will facilitate the process if you can also obtain a syllabus from the instructor.) The detailed description should contain at least 1-2 lines per week of classes. Be aware that the typical short description that appears in a catalog of classes does not provide adequate detail.

Obtain the appropriate forms for the transfer of credit petition from your school and fill it out with your name and the information about the proposed substituted course and the college/university where it is offered. Link to our courses.

Drop off the form in the Statistics Department, Phillips Hall, 7th floor (801 22nd St. NW), (202) 994-6356, along with the detailed description of course topics for the proposed substituted course as well as your brief explanation for the request. Link to our courses.

Check back in 5-10 business days. Your request will be processed in a timely manner.

Please note that: Stat 1051, 1053, 1111, and 1127 are related in their subject matter, and credit for only one of the six may be applied toward a degree.

Petition to Transfer Credit for Columbian College (form only)

Statistics Turns 75!

The Department of Statistics turned 75 in October 2010. Founded in 1935, the department was one of the first of its kind in the country, and its alumni represent some of the top statisticians in the field. View the 75th Anniversary Photo Gallery.