The series hosts a seminar every other week on current research topics. The seminar often features an invited guest speaker and occasionally local faculty members, students or others affiliated with the department. The usual time of the seminar is 3:30-4:30 pm on Fridays. Professors  Tatiyana V Apanasovich (, Qing Pan ( and Emre Barut ( ) are the Seminar Series Coordinators.

Department Seminars in Fall 2014

Upcoming Seminar

Date: Friday, August 28th, 11:00am -12:00pm

Location: Rome Hall, Room 204

Title: Evaluation of Evidence for Autocorrelated Data

Speaker: Dr. Colin Aitken, Professor of Forensic Statistics at Edinburgh University

Abstract: Much research in recent years for evidence evaluation in forensic science has focused on methods for determining the likelihood ratio in various scenarios. When the issue in question is whether evidence is associated with a person who is or is not associated with criminal activity then the problem is one of discrimination. A procedure for the determination of the likelihood ratio is developed when the evidential data are believed to be driven by an underlying latent Markov chain. Models that assume auto-correlated data without the underlying Markov chain are also described. The performances of these models and a model assuming independence are compared by using data concerning traces of cocaine on banknotes.